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Automatic Grapher is database software that automatically generates graphs for all your data. Easily import your data from Microsoft Excel and generate 8 different types of graphs. No database experience is required to develop and maintain new databases. Once data has been imported to the database you can instantly generate statistics, graphs and reports. With a click of the button, you can instantly create graphs to jpg, word or pdf files. Save valuable time compared to using Microsoft Excel and Access to create and update your graphs. Try a free trial!





Instantly graph data using 8 different types of graphs.
Generate trend graphs with regression formula and coefficient.
Customize graphs using a variety of color options.
Export the graphs to individual jpg’s, Microsoft Word or pdf formats.
Analyze data for seasonal patterns.
Compare different locations or items over time.











Perform statistical analysis or use a histogram to analyze data.
Instantly calculate discriptive statistics.
Calculate daily, monthly, or yearly averages.
Understand population distribution using histogram.


Automated Graphing




Instantly generate graphs for all the data in the database using the reports tab.
Display all graphs on preview screen.
Generate graphs in number jpgs or other formats.
Save tons of time compared to using Microsoft Excel to update graphs.
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