Data Management



Complete data management solution that is simple to use. Organize data from different sources and easily import using one of several different methods using Excel spreadsheets. Improve data quality by checking data for outliers or errors then analyze using statistics and graphs.  Export results to pdf, jpg, or Excel files. Manage unlimited databases for different projects. Improve your data management using Automatic Grapher!

Organize Data


Improve data management by organizing data. Organize data from multiple files and formats into one easy to use database. Categorize data into projects, categories, and items. View data, sort on screen, and make modifications if needed.  Sort data by date or value. Create unlimited databases. Using a database makes data management much easier than trying to keep track of paper copies or multiple Excel files.     

Easy To Use


Automatic Grapher is Easy to use and does not require database experience like Access or Oracle software. Decide the project name, types of categories, and the items that are needed in a database. Then import data though an import template or import data from existing spreadsheets. Easy to use import features allow importing horizontal or vertical data formats. Set limits on data for quality assurance and check for duplicate data. Import errors are provided on screen before they are saved to the database.  After data is in the database use statistics, histograms, and over 8 types of graphs to analyze the data. Download a free trial and use the example database to see how data can be managed and graphed.



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