Data Processing



Automatic Grapher database software will processes data during importing to ensure the data set does not contain any errors. Setting data limits can prevent typos and decimal place errors from ever entering the database. Database can include non-detect values for laboratory data and data can be checked for duplicate data being uploaded.  

Set Data Limits



Once the database structure has been created the upper and lower bounds can be entered. During importing the data will be checked to make sure the data is within the limits. After importing the screen will display all of the data before it is committed to the database.

Review and Save



After the data has been processed during importing the results will be displayed on the screen. Data that is duplicates or outside the limits will be displayed in red as an error. Data that that is duplicated with the same date and value will also be an error. The rest of the data that has been successfully processed will be colored in green. The user can then do a final review before saving the data to the database. Using the data processor during import will improve the data quality in the database and assist in finding errors before analysis.   

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